The heart of the old Lucknow

Going ahead of the Bada Imambara past the Rumi Darwaja (Turkish Gate) is the throbbing old city with the Hussainabad (Chota) Imambara a smaller but more a ornate structure.
Built by Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah (1837-42), it is more ornate in design with exquisite chandeliers, gilt-edged mirrors, silver mimbar and colourful stuccos which adorn the interiors. A golden dome and fine calligraphy on the exterior of the building makes it a truly exceptional monument of Mughal architecture. 

an interesting reflection

Entry to the Chota Imambara

above & the following photos show the Inside view of the Chota Imambara

A buzy street scene

Clock towers always make an interesting picture & when surrounded by Date Palms show a beautiful combo of natural & man made beauty.

This 221 ft. high Clock Tower was built in 1887 to mark the arrival of Sir George Couper, the first Lieutenant Governor of the United Province of Awadh. . It is said to be identical in design to an ancient portal at Constantinople. Its uppermost part consists of an eight faceted chhatri, approachable by a staircase.

Rumi Darwaja

wondering what this photo is doing???? Just to show the contrast between the exquisite workmanship of days gone by & our modern horrors......LOL!

contrast with this interesting mausoleum

A view of modern Lucknow

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